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We are serving the markets in USA, in Europe and in Asia.

Our mission is to act as an independent source of technical know-how -- supporting the global Automotive Seat Climate Industry to thrive and grow. We strive to create more value for all parties by using craftsmanship and excellence in high performance engineering; by learning and sharing vital know-how; by offering unique services.

Our goal is to Lead by providing what the market need the most.

Our passion is to innovate and deliver more value, making Automotive Seat Climate more comfortable for all seat occupants.

We are committed to listen to what the industry decision makers say that they and the industry need.

We will continue to listen and we seek and value input. We are committed to make a comfortable difference.

Window of Opportunity:
Dire news headlines are daily reminders of current woes in our auto industry. However, those same woes also present a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for serious players in Heated Seat Climate technology.

CHANGE vis-à-vis IMPROVING PRODUCT VALUE is a smart fast track to achieving LOWERED COSTS, lowered risks, improved goodwill in the marketplace, and healthier future growth—a POSITIVE VISION beyond just trying to tread water in today’s depressed economic climate.

Now is the opportunity in:

--Optimizing Seat Climate technology—positive changes directed toward improved fuel economy; reduced weight; reduced cost.

--Improving safety in heated seat systems—positive changes directed toward reducing burn risk to paraplegic users; reducing potential for costly litigation.

--Energizing with High Performance R&D and product management methodology—positive changes directed toward improving product functionality & quality to a lower cost.

Please come back to us with comments, suggestions and any questions you may have. We look forward to talk with you.

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